Mobile Ordering for Sporting Venues

Sporting venues face unique hospitality challenges

Long wait times

Lining up, ordering, and waiting for food & drinks leads to patrons missing out on the big moments

Customer → Vendor Distance

Patrons may find themselves a long way from the canteen with no idea what's on the menu

Short breaks in play & Large Queues

There are small windows of opportunity to serve a large percentage of orders. Extended queues discourage even the hungriest of patrons


Due to isolation requirements, staff shortages are increasingly likely. Crowding the canteen also makes it difficult to comply with social distancing and COVIDSafe requirements

the DUCK Solution

For the Patron

For the Vendor

For the Patron

Supporters scan a branded QR code using a smartphone, with no app needed.

They view an easy-to-use menu and select their menu items.

They are offered up-sells, popular combinations and the option to tip/donate.

The order is placed, paid for, and sent directly to the canteen staff.

The supporter receives an sms once the order is ready for collection.

For the Vendor

Menu Editor

Easily add and update menu items, categories, popular combinations and prices in real time

Order Manager

Orders are sent directly to your tablet/laptop. Notify your customers their order is ready with the tap of a button

Customer Data

Easily access your customer database and market your upcoming events and offers directly. Send a link to patrons at your ground and see instant sales.


Plan for Success

SMS marketing boasts a 98% open rate, beating email and push notifications by a great margin.

upgrade your venue

Demonstrate to stakeholders that your venue operates with the highest level of professionalism 

Order from Everywhere

Your unique QR Code can be placed anywhere, allowing you to promote your menu and capture sales from the most remote areas of your venue.

Marketing Opportunities

Utilise timed discounts and SMS marketing to encourage patrons to keep coming back for more.

Substantial reduction in wait time

Without needing to line up to order, and with no need to wait at the canteen, patrons can spend more time watching the game

Larger Orders

Easy up-selling will substantially increase your average order spend. A tip button will encourage donations after every order.

Know your supporters

Gain detailed insight into your supporters spending habits and tailor your food & beverage offering accordingly.

85% of fans prefer mobile ordering

COVID has made technology more prevalent in every day life, and fans have become accustomed to the conveniences technology can bring.

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